Monday, September 27, 2010

A is for Ava

Precious baby Ava! This was my first official newborn photoshoot and wow
was she a great one! Miss Ava is a wonderful baby with the cutest little feet
ever. It took a while to get the shots, but I sure didn't mind. I got to hold her
and snuggle with her and kiss her sweet little head. We'll just say my husband is
glad I took these pictures and got my baby-fix for a while!

Ava Elizabeth is 6 days old her in these pictures. Isn't she just adorable!
Congrats Mom, she's beautiful!

And even better she's a smart girl.....Roll Tide!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My aspirations for the business....

From the beginning of my photography "career", I have felt this business would give me the opportunity to share God's word through photography. My goal is to find the perfect verse to describe the "feel" of the photograph. It's fun to pick a picture, then research to find the verse that seems to match it perfectly! God always seems to provide the most amazing verses and it makes the pictures mean so much more! Plus it helps me to learn God's word for myself as well! I hope to be able to do this with every photo session, so be on the look out for these precious photos! Here are just a few I have started with....

My personal favorite: